Christmas Dinner

I first joined the military in 1981 and have 13 years of military service. This is the first Christmas that I have been away from my family on Christmas. I missed them terribly. I hope that this doesn’t become routine. But we’re through it now so on we go.

Christmas here on the FOB was an interesting experience. Christmas morning the only one who actually had presents was SPC Carlson. This because his team sergeant had the present for him. My wife and some friends had sent me Christmas presents but, because of some confusion about where I would actually be on Christmas, my presents are still at Adder waiting for me. I’ll get them as soon as I go to Adder.

SPC Carlson got a Hunter Dan doll. I guess when it’s for boys they don’t call them dolls. We had a discussion about that and decided it was an Action Figure. Whatever, looks like a doll to me. Hunter Dan came with what appeared to be a Remington 700 rifle, a Nikon video camera (does Nikon make video cameras?), a tree stand, a cool hat and a safety vest.
After opening the one present, playing with it for a while, we then went off to Christmas breakfast. Coffee, rolls, cereal and bread. We’d make toast if we had the means but we don’t.

Christmas dinner was good, even if a bit limited. There was turkey, chicken, roast beef. The stuffing was an odd color and appeared to have a rather thick consistency but was pretty good. There was a variety of pies to choose from, pumpkin, apple and some kind of berry. And peas for a vegetable. I do not like good peas. These weren’t good. The cooks did a great job of putting together a nice meal in place of what we might have were we at home. My wife sent me a picture of the turkey they had on Christmas Eve. I’ll be glad to spend Christmas with my family again next year.
Save a place for us Uncle Chuck. We’ll be there. For Christmas and New Year’s.

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