Check Out Camp Spearhead

Day 2
I spent the day checking out Camp Spearhead. Not a bad place really. I guess the air quality gets pretty bad some times. Summers hotter than anything I’ve ever experienced before. But the basic accommodations seem OK. Food is good, living quarters are endurable which is more than can be said of many others involved in Operation Enduring Freedom.

We have a Subway, a Baskin-Robbins, an Exchange, a Gift Shop, a barber shop, a laundry, this really cool embroidery place than will embroider your name and all kinds of cool stuff on your hat or whatever.

I guess the gasses in the air get bad some times. Chlorine and Ammonia are what everyone talks about. There are some pretty scary stories going around but I suspect they are mostly just stories.

I have found an interesting phenomenon. People that have been here a while seem to have a tendency to exaggerate how bad it is here. Not really sure what that’s about.

Soon they will start a color coded rating of the day by heat index. During the summer there are days when we can’t work because it is too hot. That should be interesting.

Jet lag doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem. I got through the day pretty well though I’m pretty tired and sleepy right now. I’m hoping to get a phone call off to the family tonight before I go to bed. Might be difficult since the line for the phones is often very long and very slow.


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