Changes in life are interesting. I enjoy change. My wife hates it. Some times the unexpected changes are the most interesting.

It has taken a while to adjust to military life again. And to adjust to Reserve Military life. There’s a difference between “regular Navy” and “reserve Navy”. Even though we are currently on active duty the command still plans, acts and reacts like a reserve unit. Use of chain of command is a problem both up and down. We have department heads that are trying to directly control individual sailors, cutting the division officers out of the chain. We have individual sailors exploiting this break down in chain and attempting to influence senior officers. This is something that would be far less likely and less tolerated in the regular Navy. We’re getting better at it, most of us any way. I think it will be interesting to see how we change over the next six months.

For my own life I am finding that I enjoy my new job as a IT2 in the US Navy a lot more than my civilian job. Maybe that’s just because it is something new, maybe that’s because I was really fed up with my civilian job. I don’t know. I just know that I really enjoy what I’m doing now.

If my family were living down here in San Diego things would really be great. The separation from my family is hard but not as hard I had anticipated. We talk a lot. Staying connected is really important. And the members of the family are really stepping up to the added responsibility of supporting each other. Machiko, Miyuki and Yoshiyuki are doing an awesome job of supporting each and me.


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