Catching Up

Two weeks! It’s been 14 days since I last posted anything. That sucks.

Things are a lot busier. Spending 8 to 10 hours a day doing someone else’s work makes it really hard to find time to do the work you want to do. Such is life, I guess.

My friend Tim & his wife finally had their baby. Welcome Jake into the world. Tim mentioned that his night’s sleep has been reduced to a series of two hour naps but he claims he adjusting to that fairly well. In any case, congrats to Tim and his family.

Lately I’ve been revisiting my interest in Country music. Especially Bluegrass. A song called, I Want My Rib Back by the Charlie Sizemore Band is really funny. The Dollar by Jamey Johnson cost me a hundred bucks. After listening to the song I went to Fry’s electronics and bought a second game controller for our PS2 and Time Crisis 3. My son and I now spend a lot more time doing things he likes to do. My teenage daughter is a different story but I’m working on that one too.

NPR’s Morning Edition ran a piece on the Iraqi Oil Delivery Platforms talking about the cooperation between US and Iraqi forces guarding them. I was a member of the forces that established that mission in April of 2004. The piece was interesting in that it is one of the few news items that talks about Iraqi forces taking over their own security. The mission on the oil platforms is being turned over to the Iraqis. It is frustrating to me that we don’t see more coverage of this. Iraqi forces are moving out to begin taking over security in Iraq.


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