Busy Week…

It’s been a long week. I’m glad it comes to a close tomorrow with little on my schedule for Friday.

Wednesday started at 5:45 to get to my first BNI meeting by 7:15 even though it turned out the meeting didn’t start until 7:30. Haven’t really decided yet whether I will join. I’ve heard a couple of good recommendations about it. I can go for free one more time. Then I have to cough up money.

From the BNI meeting I was off to meet with my friend Chuckk. We are preparing to launch a video podcast. We shot two more episodes on Wednesday. Two sets which meant two step ups. Two lighting set ups. Had to strike twice.

That ran late so I was behind the clock getting to VideoFAX to pick up the audio field mixer that I was renting for the MathDance shoot on Thursday. The people at VideoFAX were gracious and it didn’t take me all that long to get there.

Which brings us to today. Wow! Got to Mello Center, everyone arrived on time, ready to go. I had some thing of a real crew, a second camera shooter and a sound man. Set up went a little slower that I would have liked. As a result, I started to feel pressured by time and started cutting corners. Big mistake. I’m not good enough to cut corners yet.

The field mixer was new. Getting it connected went smoothly but getting all the settings right was a rushed. The battery on camera 1, my camera, showed a full charge. About half way through the first performance the battery on my camera died. I quickly grabbed another battery, swapped them out and went back to shooting. Crap! At the end of the shoot my sound man tells me that he can’t monitor the return from the camera. OK, let’s get that solved. We get the return sound to come through but it sounds terrible. Oh no! Yes, the entire first performance sound is toast. Completely unusable.

So, we successfully diagnose the problem and get things dialed in for the second performance. I run a wire to camera 1. No more power issues. I check camera 2. Plenty of battery life. No problem. Yeah, you guessed it, three quarters of the way through the second performance camera two runs out of battery. Crap. My second camera shooter is hot on the ball though. She sees low battery and immediately starts hunting for power. She did great.

I learned a lot but it was an embarrassing day. The client was gracious and patient. We have what we need to create a great finished product so it should all come out when the wash is done but, wow, what a couple of days.


Today’s run stats:

  • Haven’t run for two days now. Hoping to run tomorrow if weather permits.

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