Busy Night

With only two of us to stand watch we’re standing eight hour watches and leaving the mid-watch unattended (the Commo is pretty cool). Last night was a pretty busy watch. Message traffic took about two hours to go get the traffic, sort through it, print out the messages for the read board. Then I had to take an HF radio out to the MSP and get it set up. I forgot some of the pieces so I had to make two trips. In the meantime IT1 came back from school up north so I had to go pick him up from the airport. Finally finished up work and got in to bed around 0215.

With IT1 back on the watch schedule I suspect we will have to go back to six on twelve off watch standing. Definitely not as nice as eight on, sixteen off as we have it now. But it’s only one more week and then we start packing up to head over the horizon.

I’ll be flying over on an Air Force aircraft, probably either a C-130 or C-5 Galaxy. Weapons and CCI gear have to go over on military aircraft. Personnel fly on chartered commercial aircraft. Chartered commercial is more comfortable but not as adventurous or fun. I’ve never flown in a military cargo plane before. Every one is telling me it will be cold and miserable. This one time it will be an adventure. Not sure I’ll be interested in doing it again. We’ll have to see how this trip goes.

I talked with Machiko and the kids last night. They danced in the Hapa concert in Santa Cruz. Wish I could have been there to see them. Machiko said that she was able to get video of Yoshi dancing but that she and Miyuki danced together so she couldn’t record that one. I’ll be glad to see Yoshi’s dance but I really enjoy watching Machiko and Miyuki dance together. I wish I could have seen that.

Happy Valentine’s day, Machiko. I love being married to you.


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  1. I love being married to you too.
    I miss you…. But I’m pretty exited about your new job too. Kids and I are very proud of you. Take care.

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