Boredom & Surprises

The Boredom — This morning we sat through several briefs that are required for deployment. Most of them were pretty dry, boring stuff. Death by PowerPoint, as they say.

The Good Surprise — we did our Physical Requirements Test (PRT) today. I did 40 sit-ups (better than before but still in need of work), 61 push-ups (a personal best), and a time of 10:29 on the 1.5 mile run (also a personal best). I surprised myself with the time on the run. I didn’t think I could do that.

The Bad Surprise — at 1610 this afternoon I was told I would have to stand the mid-watch. Having the mid-watch at all is bad enough. Finding out you have to stand the mid-watch eight hours before you go on watch really sucks.

Another fine Navy day.


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