Books & Music to pass a deployment…

Day 164
Five days since my last post. I am sorry. I’ve been kind of busy. Stood watch, of course. Revamped my resume. Not so much a revamp as an up date. I added a recent job change that happened just before I came out here and I added this temporary stint that I’m on now. I’ve submitted the resume to 4 or 5 companies. Places like the FBI, FEMA and Northrop Grumman. I plan on checking the CIA’s web page today.

This story happened right near where I work. None of us knew anything about it until we read it in Stars & Stripes. A pretty sad commentary on the state of communications in our area.

I finished Janet Evanovich‘s book, Two for the Dough. I liked it. Stephanie Plum, the bounty-hunter in training that is Evanovich’s heroin, is more crass than Kinsey Millhone. But Stephanie is a bit funnier too. And Stephanie’ friends and family are definitely crazier than anyone Kinsey might run with. Two for the Dough was a fast read. I finished three quarters of it whiling away the hours yesterday on duty (yes, it was a slow day). I would now say that my current favorite authors are Charles Knief (though the boy does need to hurry up with that next book), Sue Grafton and Janet Evanovich.

The music in my life right now is a lot of jazz in the fusion genre. They’ve gone to calling Fusion ‘smooth jazz’, ‘commercial jazz’, and ‘popular jazz’. Back in the day is was Fusion, so called because the style mixes jazz with other styles, mostly rock. At any rate, Spyro Gyra, Hiroshima, The Rippingtons and Yellowjackets are getting a lot of playtime. Still like Hawaiian but I seem less in the mood for it since I’ve been over here. I need to spend some time in the islands.


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