Be All That You Can Be…?

Day 12
Those of us that are still waiting for permanent housing have it a little better now in the transient tents that we are in. Fewer people, more room, a little less noise. Yeah, it’s a little better.

So, this friend of mine at work joined the Army several months before I got mobilized. She is now a member of the 351st Civil Affairs Command. Civil Affairs sound very interesting to me. For almost twenty years I’ve been interested in cross-cultural communications. I have to wonder if this would be an opportunity to use my education and experience in cross-cultural communication. It sounds like the work would be very interesting and rewarding. Of course this article makes me wonder if I want to commit myself to the Army. The Navy seems to do a better job of keeping mobilizations down to manageable lengths of time. There have been five detachments to OIF. Insofar as I know, all of them have been returned to their civilian lives within a year of activation. I will probably hook up with my Army friend and go talk to her command. See what they have to offer and how my expertise fit into their mission.

Of course, switching services would not be easy for me. In my own mind I’ve been a United States Navy sailor for twenty years (I actually have six good years toward retirement, twelve years total service). I’m very proud of the Navy uniform and service. There would be a certain amount of psychological trauma in hanging up the Dress Blues for a Class A uniform. Lots to think about.


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