Balanced Reporting?

Do you wonder how it could be that a United States Marine would shoot and kill a wounded, unarmed man in a Mosque in Fallujah? Well, maybe this will help. The following is a quote from this article in the San Jose Mercury News. I strongly recommend that you read the article. Lance Corporal Ailes was one hell of a Marine. One of America’s son that we should all be very proud of. His father tells some great stories about his son.

Marine Lance Cpl. Jeramy Ailes, 22, of Gilroy was killed Monday in Al-Fallujah by small arms fire.
“They had finished mopping up in Fallujah and they went back to double-check on some insurgents. From what we gathered, somebody playing possum jumped up and shot him,” said his father, Joel Ailes, who learned of his death Monday evening. “It’s extremely hard.”

Rest in peace Lance Corporal Jeramy Ailes.

And may God grant your father peace.


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