Back On The FOB

So, after my brief respite I am back at FOB Hunter. Apparently there was some excitement while I was gone. The biggest since we’ve been out here. Everyone is OK, they just have a new war story to tell.
I picked up a lot of mail that was being held for me at Camp Adder. It would have been cool to have the Christmas stuff at FOB Hunter on Christmas. Oh well.

In the Christmas goodies was a set of battery powered lights. Christmas is over but I used the light to add a little illumination and ambience to my bunk. Our bunks serve as the only form of ‘privacy’ we get here. Several of us have rigged make shift curtains to keep out the light and provide the illusion of seclusion. With 10 guys living in a space the size of an average living room, it is only an illusion.

I served ten years in the Navy before coming over to the Army. My heart still wears Navy blue cracker jacks even if the outside is ACU. So, I collect a lot of US Navy stuff to remind those around me that I’m a sailor serving in the Army under duress. My wife often helps me out in my efforts to find Navy things. So, when I saw a pillow case with Navy insignias all over it, I assumed that she had seen it in the store and thought it would be fun. Even after I looked at it, I still thought that. Turns out, my daughter made it for me. It is so well made, I thought it was store bought. I bought a pillow and it now adorns my bunk.

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