Back in the Uniform

Today was the first day drilling as a Navy Reservist since my return from the Gulf. It was good to see everyone again. It was good to tell the stories and relive the experience. Somehow, it’s better in the remembrance. This weekend is also the last of MIUW 104. MIUW 104 will be decommissioned. It’s equipment returned the Naval Coastal Warfare Group One. NCWG-1 will then stand up a new MIUW 104 staffed entirely by USN personnel. We spent the day burning documents we no longer need, inventorying equipment and supplies that will be returned to NCWG-1 and telling stories.

Most of us are looking for a new home. A few will simply leave the Navy. The months in the gulf helped them to realize that the Navy Reserves with its probability of serving active duty time separated from family and friends was not something they wanted to be a part of. Some are looking for units outside the Naval Coastal Warfare community for a variety of reasons. And some will go to other units in NCWG-1.

I am looking for a home outside of the Naval Coastal Warfare community. Either something that is a lot more involved with computers and networking or that is a lot more ‘high speed, low drag’. I would not mind going back to the Gulf. I do not want to go back to the gulf with Naval Coastal Warfare. On the short list, EODMU-7 (high speed, low drag), NSW OSG – 1 (high speed, low drag), SPAWAR (Computers & Networking), one other unit that is high speed and one other unit that is computers & network related. On a related note, I am still working on my packet for the Royal Australian Navy. The Gerbil and the Man from Broken Hill are still encouraging me.

The high speed, low drag units would satisfy my hunger for excitement and action. The computer & networking units would help further my career in computers. As I am probably going to pursue computer consulting in lieu of the coffee shop, being involved with installation and maintenance of military computer networks would look very attractive on my credentials.

Decisions. Life is all about decisions.


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  1. Smittie,
    Glad to see your wit and humor is still in good working order. I am now in Virginia assigned to the Pentagon(Civilian Contractor)
    I am trying to get back in the swing of the miuw thing.
    I wish you and your family the Best. IT3 Schmitz

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