Back at Adder

My four day pass ended with a 0300 briefing for the flight back to COB Adder. I didn’t find out about that until 2100. I still needed to do laundry, pack, turn in linen. I decided that trying to sleep would only make things worse. I got everything done and was ready for my departure flight by 2300. I took everything over to the briefing room. Fortunately there was internet available. So, I stayed up all night playing on Facebook and reading the news. Time went fairly quickly.

After the brief they loaded us up on a bus to take us to the airport. Our flight wasn’t scheduled to leave until 0900. So, why did we need to get up at 0300?? No idea. I went and found some breakfast and then found a soft piece of concrete and catnapped until they woke me up to get on the flight. There were nine of us on a C-130 which made for a fairly comfortable flight. I manage to sleep for parts of the two hour flight to the first stop. We spent about an hour on the ground and then departed for Adder. By 1330 I was back in my CHU in Adder, tired as hell. I thought about going to bed but decided that would make it hard to sleep through the night. So, I went to watch a comedy show at the MWR. It was OK. Kind of fun. The comedians needed better writers. However, anyone that is willing to come over here and try to make life a little better for those of us deployed here is alright by me.

That was yesterday. Got up this morning, did more laundry, uniforms, socks and underwear that I did not get washed before I left on pass. It’s in the drier right now. In fact, I need to go check on it. I’ll be right back.

OK, I’m back. Actually, I got distracted and did a bunch of stuff. So, I’ve finished all the laundry. I’ll pack a couple of boxes to send home so that I can reduce the amount of stuff I have to pack when we leave this place. My goal is to be down to one bag and an assault pack when I leave COB Adder for good. That would be cool.

Some time this week I’ll fly back to FOB Hunter and go back to work in earnest. I’d like to say I’m looking forward to it but I not. I have approximately 78 days left on this tour. Unlike my last tour, I cannot wait for this one to be over so that I can return to civilian life. And on that cheery note, I’m out.

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