Awards, BBQs and Books

This is the second entry for day 48. I did one yesterday and thought I had posted it. I guess maybe I was pretty tired when I was trying to get it done. In any case, it didn’t get posted so here’s my second attempt.

Day 48
I had the day watch today. It started out sounding like I was actually going to have some interesting problems to solve. Alas, the bueacracy of the Navy deprived me of the opportunity to attack that problem. Such is life in the military.

I thought I would have the opportunity to play Spades with the boys from 3rd ACR. There was an awards ceremony. All the new second class petty officers got frocked. I wasn’t one of them. The sailors of the quarter were awarded. I wasn’t one of them. A Navy Accommodation Medal was given. I didn’t get that either. For all of this we stood in ranks at attention in the hot sun. It was hot too. One of the citations was exceptionally long. That got a few chuckles afterward.

After the awards ceremony there was a bar-b-que. I generally don’t like parties very much. Initially I made the effort to be sociable and chat with people. Eventually I gave up on being social, found a corner and read my book. I’m currently reading Sue Grafton‘s B is for Burglar. Pretty good. Mostly novacaine for the brain stuff but that is exactly what I’m looking for. Entertainment pure and unadulterated. Mr. Knief‘s book Emerald Flash is on its way here, courtesy of my beautiful wife. Have I mentioned that I’m married to the most awesome woman in the world? So, this reading thing could be kind of fun. I could start a reading club like Oprah. Hum? Have to give that some thought.



This entry is pretty close to what I originally wrote for this entry. I’m sorry it didn’t get posted yesterday as it should have. I know I have a few daily readers that I don’t want to lose.

3 thoughts on “Awards, BBQs and Books

  1. Just browsing the net looking through Camp Spearhead sites and came acrossed yours. As you may be considering starting a reading club, let me make a suggestion to you(and you may even be able to get the author to sign it for you. My husband is currently at Camp Spearhead with the USN, (NAVELSF FWD A-NCHB9) and recently had his first novel published in March (Cloud of Glory) about a young marine’s adventures through bootcamp and then finds himself in the MiddleEast during the Beirut bombing days(see more on Keep your eyes out for CECIL on the uniform, currently he works 12 midnight to 12 noon at the port,maybe your paths will cross sometime during your stay, if so send a hi his way for me and be sure to ask him about his new book.
    Mindy Cecil

  2. My husband,EO2 Meyers is also at campspearhead and it is hard for us to communicate. He is having a hard time recieving his email or reg. mail. It is fustrating and hurtful. If any one has an answer on how to fix this pleas let me know. I pray that these problems we have incountered haven’t effected your lives as it has ours. God bless all of you.

  3. If this is the same Smittie I was stationed with at Camp Spear Head tell hem Q-MAN SM2 QUINTANA says hi and isnt it great being home now after nive months huh? Its taking a bit to get use to but we did a hell of a job out there and Im at peace.See ya at the next AT or Activation aka Q-MAN.

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