As Camp Spearhead turns…

Day 88
First, congratulations to my boss. He’s been selected by the board to be advanced to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. The next few months will be a challenge but I am confident that he will make an outstanding Chief. I hope the Chief’s Mess doesn’t go too rough on him.

Life in Camp Spearhead reminds me, in many ways, of life in Wyoming, Iowa. I lived there for about three years. I loved it. Iowa is a great place to live. My kids have never been in better schools. Camp Spearhead has that same small town feel. Everyone is friendly. Most everyone you pass offers a greeting. There’s the camp gossip for those who participate in such activities. There are more than a few romances and suspected romances in camp. I saw one lady and a guy climbing into a humvee. It looked for all the world like a date. Yeah, it’s a lot like living in a small town here. Luckily, I enjoy small town living.

One of my friends here is an amateur radio enthusiast. He has been in touch with the Kuwaiti Amateur Radio association and has managed to get a Kuwaiti Radio License. Now having the license he yesterday set up his radio equipment and talked to a guy in the Netherlands. Pretty cool stuff. Of course, he has this huge antenna rigged outside. With 30 foot fiberglass masts and a hundred feet of wire. It gets a lot of looks and a few questions. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool.

I finished my first Travis McGee novel, The Quick Red Fox. Good read. It’s fun to read books that were written back in the sixties. The culture and society of that era permeates the story. Kind of nostalgic. Talk of Corvette Sting-rays, the slang of that era, etc. It’s interesting. I’m now reading Emerald Flash by Charles Knief and C is for Corpse by Sue Grafton is next. I’ve decided that Charles Knief and Sue Grafton are probably my favorite Private Eye authors. MacDonald is good but I don’t enjoy Travis as much as I do Cain and Kinsey Millhone. One of the things I really enjoyed about B is for Burglar was the complete lack of gratuitous sex or violence.

Recently, while on watch, the watch officer was reading an article about Prince (membership required), or is it still The Artist formerly known as Prince. Whatever. Anyway, since that watch I’ve been thinking about the only song by Prince that I like. Raspberry Beret. I may have to go over to iTunes Music Store and buy that song. I’ve been listening to a lot of Hawaiian music again. Mark Keali`i Ho`omalu‘s works from Lilo and Stitch are really good. Like them. Blaine Kamalani Kia is another favorite. And of course, Keali`i Reichel.

My daughter is starting to blog on a daily basis now. Go check out her efforts.

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