Articles like this embarrass me

Articles like this embarrass me as a Christian as they do Dan Kimball.
From what I gather having read two of Paul Proctor’s articles I have to conclude that Paul’s view is this. You preach hell, fire and brimstone every Sunday in a little whitewashed country church with everyone sitting in hardwood pews. The music is always a choir backed by either an orchestra or, if you can’t afford one, an organ. You sing your worship songs from a hymnal and those that can sing the harmony are a little further along in their spiritual walk. Christians strive to maintain good, peaceful relationships with other Christians but should not shrink from telling unbelievers what sinners they are. And if this results in one being unpopular or even reviled within the community, praise God that one is worthy of persecution.
I have to wonder if it has occurred to Paul Proctor and those like him that Christ’s harshest words were not for the ‘sinners’ of the day. Christ’s harshest words were reserved for the church leaders of the day. “You brood of vipers,” “you whitewashed tombs.” Those terms were not used in reference to the sinners of the day. Those terms were directed at the church leaders.
I have to wonder who the Pharisees and Sadducees of today are? Well, to be honest, I really don’t wonder that hard. I have an idea.

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