Apple As Innovator…

Day 130
When I’m not out here serving in the Navy I work for Apple. Hence I have a strong interest in what and how the company is doing. I’ve haven’t been much in touch with any of that for the past four months but the past couple of days it has been hard to ignore.

Apple is a very cool company. I’m still not looking forward to returning to civilian life.

I finished another book a day or two ago. Jack HigginsBad Company. Now, I really liked Higgins’ work The Eagle Has Landed. That was a fun read with a very unexpected ending. Bad Company, however, I never really quite understood. The bad guys seemed like good guys and the goods guy were definitely some bad characters. The ending was rather anti-climatic and ho-hum. I doubt I’ll be reading Jack Higgins again for a while.

I’ve finally started reading Silversword by regular supporter and friend Charles Knief. Charles Knief sent me an autographed copy of Silversword. I read the first chapter after getting off watch this morning. After the first chapter I fell into a fitful sleep. 12 hour night watches are rough.

A good friend of mine from work sent me a $20 gift certificate from the iTunes Music Store. So I am plowing through the various genre that I like trying to determine which albums to by next. I’ve already purchased a second Kohala album. I also bought an album by The Crusaders, another group that I really like.

Lately, I spend a lot of time looking for ways to while away the hours.


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