Another Trip into Town

Day 41
Today I went into town again. A reward for doing a favor for a Chief. I bought an earphone/mic for my cell phone. Hopefully, it will make hearing and understanding phone calls home easier. It will also making reading to the kids a lot easier having both hands free.

One of the ways the kids and I stay connected while I’m deployed is I read to them. When I am home I read to the kids before bed. Both kids and I lay on our queen size bed and I read. One night I read from a Nancy Drew mystery, the next night I read from a Hardy Boys mystery. The kids really enjoy it. Now that I’m away, I have copies of the books we are reading. I call home around the time the kids are going to bed and read to them. I think we all get a lot out of it. The kids say they like it and I know I really like it. I’m still struggling to get on a regular schedule.

Mr. Knief sent me an autographed copy of his latest book, Silver Sword. Thank you very much, Mr. Knief. I have to say that I’ve turned into a real John Caine fan. I tried to read another book while waiting for Emerald Flash to arrive but really couldn’t get into it. I’m glad to have a Caine story to read. And I see from the cover flap that my friend Kimo has been promoted to Police Chief. I’m really looking forward to getting to know Kimo.

As a result of going into town today, I stood up my buddy from the 3rd ACD. I promised I’d be around at lunch time to play Spades. I wasn’t there. Sorry my friend. I did manage to catch up with a staff sargent from the same unit while he was at work. Sounds like these guys are getting pushed out again. While I’m glad to have my friends around, I really do wish they would get to go home. Then again, I guess they should count their blessings. They could be the 1st Armored Division.


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