Another Day in the Life…

Day 43
Came off the midwatch this morning at 0700. Was sound asleep by 0740. Woke up at about 1045. Took a shower and headed over to the mall to see if any of the guys were there to play Spades. The Supply Guy was there. He went to wake up Sarge and The Other Guy. The Supply Guy came back and a little while later Sarge showed up. We grabbed a stranger and commence to play. The Other Guy showed up a while later. We finished the game with the stranger. The Other Guy was happy because that meant he could get in on the new game. The Other Guy is The Supply Guy’s usual partner. Sarge and I always play together. Sarge and I were on the money today. We were getting good hands, bidding them well and hitting our bids. We won a couple games. It was a lot of fun.

We were suppose to move out of the Fest Tent today. It was the in typical style. Some one came just a few minutes after I’d woken up and said we had to move, right now. Hum? OK. A myriad of a questions went racing through my groggy mind. I went to check out these new digs we were supposed to be moving into. My understanding is that this tent is designed as an eight man tent. The plan is to put eleven men into the tent. I opted to stay in the Fest Tent a while longer and see what happens.


2 thoughts on “Another Day in the Life…

  1. Smittie playing “spades” with such enthusiasm reminds me of my army days in Germany. When out on bivouac, we weren’t busy most of the time so we would play “hearts” for hours on end. I still enjoy the game to this daay.
    Our not being busy didn’t mean we were not doing our job.

  2. Funny how that is, we played spades on the ship when I was in. Sometimes a whole shift. Hi Smitty, I am retired Navy, submarine force, I found your site while searching for info on Camp Spearhead. My wife is there too, been there since Februrary. Your blog is comforting for me as it lends a sense of normalcy to the whole separation thing. I guess it is payback for the years I left her with the kids while I made deterrent patrols on boomers for 70 to 80 day stints. Unfortunately yours will be a bit longer I think, but hang in there, we appreciate each and every one of you over there. Keep up the good work and stay Navy ;^)

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