An Epiphanic Moment

zmittie (10:46:18): Joey’s site inspires me to put more content on mine but damn it takes a lot of time to do the content right.

cls (10:46:27): YEs, yes it does.

cls (10:46:44): That’s what I have so much half done content on my local machine and crap on my site.

zmittie (10:46:50): I’d like to do some music content and some book related content.

zmittie (10:47:45): The book related content is double bad because I don’t have time to read the book, let alone create the associated web content.

cls (10:47:57): Hehe, ahuh

zmittie (10:48:09): This whole “work” thing is really getting in the way of my life!

cls (10:49:09): Fucked up, ain’t it?

zmittie (10:49:16): Seriously so.


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