A Few Things About Smittie: INTP

I like online tests that tell us something about ourselves. In many cases, I learn something new about myself through these tests. Today’s case in point, the Myers-Briggs personality model (Google Search, Wikipedia) and the tests based on this model. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based on the psychological research of Carl Jung. At one point, I spent a weekend trying the various online tests.

The test that seemed the best to me was TypeFocus. This test is free, takes about 5 minutes to complete and provides the most detailed results. I took the test several times. First, I focused on learning what the ‘questions’ were asking. Then I focused on determining the true answers for me. That is, separating what I wanted the answer to be from what the answer was. Separating who I wish I was from who I am. This was an interesting exercise. I asked my wife to answer some of the questions for me. I learned a lot about myself just in this phase alone. Finally, I repeated the test several times answering questions that I was largely ambivalent about with different answers to see how that affected the outcome of the test.

The result of all of this was the determination that I am an INTP. Discovering this bit of information was the beginning of a new road of self-discovery. I began searching the net for information on INTP. Wow! I found quite a lot of information but the most significant was this site, intp.org.

intp.org has an article that describes and explains the INTP. The first time I read The INTP Profile I stopped about a third of the way through the article. It was just too frightening. I was used to hearing and reading descriptions of me as viewed by others. This was my first time to read an article that describe what it was like inside my head. What I was reading was so accurate it scared me. I’ve gone back since then. I read the article every now and then because it is really useful to be reminded of why I do some of the things I do. Understanding the INTP mindset helps me relate to others better because I better understand other people’s reaction to me.


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Today’s run stats:

  • 4 miles in 43:46
  • Pulse one minute after finish: 132
  • Pulse five minutes after finish: 124

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