50 Things About Smittie

I am an INTP.
I served in the military during the Cold War.
I spent 184 days serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom (so far).
I speak fluent Japanese though my wife would argue the fluent part.
I love my wife.
My two biggest heros are my children. I want to be just like them.
I like Country & Western music.
I believe in God, in fact I depend on Him.
I lived in Wyoming, Iowa and would like to live in a rural community again.
I prefer ranches to farms and farms to cities.
I home-school my children.
I have a MySpace page and know more about the web, the internet and computers than my kids.
I’m afraid of the DVD player. My wife has to start the movie.
I love my truck, it is the best ride on the road.
I’d rather have a conversation in iChat than on the phone.
I have been to Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Iraq, Kenya, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Germany, Canada, Mexico and Singapore. And, of course, the United States.
I was a regular user of the internet before the web was invented.
I have been to California, Washington, Iowa, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Nebraska, Michigan, and Hawai`i.
I worked as a teller in a bank. I was working the day they got robbed.
I left Microsoft to go to work for Apple.
I went to school with Gary Trousdale.
I wear glasses.
I cuss like a sailor.
I like Mexican food even though it gives me indigestion and gas.
I don’t like Chinese food.
I love the holiday season and long for White Christmases.
My wife and I have conversations on iChat while both of us are sitting at the kitchen table.
I went on a safari in Kenya.
I always wear a hat.
I was a Civil War Re-enactor and enjoy living history.
I like photography.
I sang in the high school men’s choir and still enjoy singing.
I am a reasonably good barista.
I have a security clearance.
I smoked cigarettes for 15 years but have not smoked at all in eight years.
I have a drinking problem and because of that I no longer drink alcohol of any kind, ever.
I wore a hakama for my wedding which was in a church in Tokyo.
I believe that being a husband and a father are the most important things I will do in my life.
I believe that accepting Christ as lord was the most important decision I’ll ever make.
I was ‘held back’ in the first grade which means I did the first grade twice.
I liked Navy Boot Camp and was sorry to see it end.
Of all the vehicles I’ve owned, the 1984 Jeep CJ-7 was my favorite. I wish I still had it.
I broke my arm at the age of 17 falling off a flag pole.
I suffer from a condition called BPPV.
I am left handed.
I miss Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.
I like singing hymns.
Two of my favorite authors are Janet Evanovich and Sue Grafton.
I seriously considered joining the Australian Navy under a special program for foreign service members.


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