38B Reclass Course: Week One

I have finished week one at 38B Reclass. So far, the course has been good. Teaching is, what I would call, a modified death by PowerPoint. All of the classes are taught from a PowerPoint presentation as is the Army Standard these days. However, the instructors assigned to our class are interesting and animated. They move through the material as quickly as the we can understand it, which is great. We are presently ahead of the course.

Civil Affairs involves a lot of cross-cultural communication and interaction which is one of my passions. One of my favor parts of being deployed to Kuwait in 2004 was the opportunities to interact with the local culture and population. As a result, I find a lot of the material we are covering in class interesting. I can see a lot of overlap with my own life experiences, living in Japan, as an Asian Studies major in college and as a Localization Engineer over the last twenty years. Those portions of the course that deal with cross-culture and related issues are quite easy. Most other parts are at least interesting.

Three weeks to go. I hope they go by quickly.


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