2012 Resolutions, 1 out of 3

Here we are, 2013. The Mayans are embarrassed or, western European/American anthropologists do not really understand the Mayans.

A year ago I published my New Year’s resolutions here. I managed to keep one of the three. Sort of. Posting a blog entry once a week was the first resolution to go by the way side. I managed to keep it for two weeks. Reading through the Bible in a year lasted a little longer. I got to about the middle of Numbers before I finally gave up altogether. Getting that far happened in fits and starts. I would still like to get through the entire Bible but I suspect I will not manage to do it in a year.

Which brings us to the the partial success. In the blog entry I said I would run 350 miles but when I made the Runkeeper goal entry, it became 300 miles. Which became the goal that I began striving toward. I totaled 330.6 miles last year. Funny story. Once I decided to run in 2012, I ran 5 miles a day for five days straight. My knees hurt, my feet hurt, my legs hurt so bad I could not sleep. I was sure that I would need knee surgery and never be able to run again. Went and talked to a running coach, replaced my old, broken down running shoes and adopted a more sensible training plan. By the summer I was running 10 miles at 9 minute pace with no problems. Goals for 2013. I want to run 500 miles this year. I am hoping to get to running 5 miles a day, five days a week by midsummer.

And, we will see how blog postings go this year.


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