15 Minutes of Fame

I got linked!! I got linked!! This is so cool. I got linked! And by somebody famous too!! I mean, like, I don’t wanna get all gushy but this is pretty exciting day for me.

OK, so here’s the details. My new best friend Joey had this incredible, hair color-changing experience (before/after) that’s currently all the talk in Blogsville. I learned about this from my old best friend‘s blog entry about it. So after reading Joey’s story I send him an email in which I mentioned how I’d come to read his story. Joey being the ultra suave and cool dude that he is gave me and cls props in a recent blog entry.

And now, since it appears on two of the pages linked in this entry I have to comment on the Whites-only prom in Georgia.

The article states that they organized separate proms “to avoid problems arising from interracial dating.” Hum? The only problem I can see in interracial marriage is the failure to perpetuate 19th century practices that should have died long ago. And I don’t see that as a problem. It is a terrible pity that an entire commuity lays it on the shoulders of High School Juniors to drag that community out of its enslavement to antiquated and ignorant customs and practices.


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