1 Down, 2 to go

For being in the middle of a FEP there sure isn’t much happening on watch. I just finished my second watch of the FEP. Nothing happened. A Red Hat asked me to explain various tasks and systems in the communication’s suite. Pretty simple stuff.

I’ve got two more watches in this FEP, the mid and then the 1800 to 2400 tomorrow night. My guess is that not much will happen on the mid-watch, the one watch where I would welcome some activity and a few interesting problems to solve. The 1800 to 2400 that will probably be pretty busy.

Efforts to raise moral still don’t seem to be much of a concern to the command. We’re still being told that there is no liberty policy as yet. This means that no one can begin making any kind of plans to meet with family members, air travel arrangements, etc. If they do come through with some kind of liberty for the unit, everyone will be forced to pay high dollar for air travel since we’ll be buying tickets at the last minute. This kind of thing seems to be par for the course for this unit. Which raises some questions about senior leadership’s concern for moral and welfare of the unit members and their families.

Preparation and planning could definitely be better. Then again, I suppose that can be said about most things in life.


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